Evident Technologies

Nanoscale materials creating big-scale promise.

Evident Thermoelectrics is a leader in thermoelectric solutions for power generation. Our thermoelectric technology allows for energy harvesting by converting small temperature differences into useable electrical power. Founded as Evident Technologies in 2000, our name change reflects our new laser focus on thermoelectric markets and products.

Evident Thermoelectrics offers efficient waste heat recovery solutions from low to high temperature ranges for markets that include automotive, industrial, wearable technologies and remote sensors among others. Just about anywhere that there is waste heat, Evident Thermoelectrics can convert it to electricity.

Evident Tech

Our patented nanostructured bulk Skutterudite and Bismuth Telluride materials have some of the highest efficiencies, power output and versatility available today. Staying true to our nanotechnolgoy roots, our nanostructured thermoelectric material affords us numerous performance advantages over traditional material processing methodologies. Our ZeNS™ (Zero Net Shape) processing approach provides consistent quality while greatly reducing loss of materials compared to traditional thermoelectric manufacturing methods. As such, our cost per watt is highly competitive.

At Evident, our focus is commercialization.

Evident has a long history of developing and selling our own innovative commercial products. Since 2003, we have sold products for the Life Science and Military markets, LEDS and others. In addition, at Evident we partner with customers to provide practical, but unique solutions in their applications areas.

These collaborations can provide access to our breakthrough technologies and extensive patent portfolio. And with 65-plus patents and patents pending, we are a trusted industry leader and a partner-of-choice at the forefront of innovation.